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White-Glove Customer Service & Proactive IT Management

ActiveCo is your premier, white-glove solution for Managed IT Services in Vancouver. At ActiveCo, our client’s business needs come first! Whether you are looking for fully managed IT support or complementary support for an existing IT department, we do it all. Let us take care of your IT, so you can take care of your business.

Our Vancouver Managed IT Services

Managed IT Support

We proactively manage, monitor and review your network IT system to prevent issues before they happen. At ActiveCo, whether you need fully managed IT support, or your in-house IT department needs help, we have it all covered.

Managed IT Security

We help organizations take a proactive approach to vulnerability management and threat mitigation. Our IT solutions focus on eliminating risks both inside and outside your environment like firewall, VPN, spam filtering, MFA & more.


IT Consulting

With technology being so dynamic, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of the curve. Our IT services will take care of all your technology planning & strategies. Our team will help you leverage technology to achieve your long-term goals.


Disaster Recovery Plan

ActiveCo offers a comprehensive & robust disaster recovery & back-up plan designed to meet your company’s needs. Whether you choose in-house or a cloud-based solution, be at peace knowing your data is backed up regardless of internal or external issues.

Cloud Services

Flexibility, reliability and scalability are just some of the advantages of our cloud services. Whether you are at the office or on-the-go, cloud services will provide secure & reliable access from anywhere with an internet connection.


ActiveCo offers Office 365 support – assisting with migration, complete set-up, management and support. The cloud-based suite offers greater flexibility and increased productivity for you, your staff and your business.


Need help with more than just managed network services? At ActiveCo, we help clients achieve their strategic business plans with services like CRM deployments, tech upgrades, hardware installations, cloud migration & more.

Co-Managed IT

ActiveCo’s Co-Managed IT service augment’s your existing IT team & security platforms while providing consulting for your technology investment decisions. We work with you to ensure your team is focused on your business objectives.

Changing IT Providers Simplified

With over 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure and Managed IT Services in Vancouver, we have determined that how we follow our processes is what lets us provide first-class/white-glove customer service to all our clients.


Our IT solutions always start with understanding your needs before providing any advice. Our team works to understand your unique challenges with IT, to clarify issues you are having with your technology and to know your business plans. With this information, our team can then review your systems structure to understand and then create useful suggestions that fit your needs.


After reviewing your systems structure, we will present to you a proposal that is detailed, simple to understand and cost-effective. Our aim is to make sure the proposal addresses all your technology needs and fits within your budget. Our team will review this proposal with you in details and answer any question or concerns you may have.


Our on-boarding process is designed in such a way that you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. Information gathering, staff training, on-site setup and more, will all be taken care of by your dedicated support team at ActiveCo. With us taking care of the transition, you can focus on what matters the most – your business.


Our team of experts work to proactively monitor and update your IT systems, to prevent issues from causing disruptions. With our help desk, our IT techs offer a guaranteed response within 30 minutes. In addition, you will have a dedicated vCIO who will meet with you on a quarterly basis to reivew support and technology initiatives.

Industries We Serve


We understand the need for production data, tracking of physical equipment as well as documentation on equipment repair. Complying with regulations and safety standards is also a large part of keeping up with the industry. Managed IT services with asset tracking and professional consulting helps ensure each “i” gets dotted and “t” gets crossed.



Document creation and client communication is a critical part of your daily business that we know we must support, the smallest of interruptions can cause service issues and harm your company brand. The team at ActiveCo understands the need for simple documentation creation and simple sharing solutions for you and your clients to enjoy better communication.



ActiveCo knows that seasonal and annual changes are hard enough to keep track of, let alone ensuring you can seamlessly communicate with your clients (and they with you and your team!). Managed IT services help ease the pain of making regulatory changes, software and hardware updates, as well as avoiding service interruptions due to simple technology issues.



Data and documentation for your entire team to complete projects from start-to-finish is a major concern. Knowing how to keep your team in communication is business critical whether they’re onsite or inhouse on a daily basis. Large document creation and secure sharing methods, all while staying within compliance and regulations, can make or break your company brand.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Prior to working with ActiveCo, we were having constant conversations about ongoing IT issues. Everyone was affected. We were lacking strategic management and long-term solutions. It was important that we find an IT service provider who could help us focus on preventing problems instead of having to fix them when they came up.

Proactive problem-solving, strategic planning and management – it was all there with ActiveCo.” 


Penny, Mining & Aggregate Industry

“As a national company our offices are spread from coast to coast and staying connected is critical to our success. Unplanned downtime was a frustration for us and our customers. Thanks to ActiveCo’s proactive maintenance approach and dedicated team, our uptime across the country is consistent and our remote office have never run smoother. A big thanks to everyone at ActiveCo for keeping us connected around the clock.”

Rob, Construction Industry

“The ActiveCo team is a group of very responsible, professional and service focused individuals. We trust them with making the right decisions for our IT needs and have worked with them on various projects with successful outcomes. ActiveCo has made significant improvements to our IT systems, where we now have reliable, secure and maintained systems in place.”

Isla, Event Management Industry

“We needed a technology partner who was willing to understand our frustrations and work with us in a proactive manner. ActiveCo exceeded our expectations by helping us implement strategies for both technology budgets and long-term business planning. Having proactive solutions instead of a reactive one has helped us strategize our business processes with a partner who came to the table with an understanding of not only our industry but our company’s specific niche in the marketplace.”

Roger, Construction Industry

“They are a very proactive and helpful team. We rely on ActiveCo for consistency, direction and forward-thinking business advice. I sleep better at night knowing I have a partnership I can trust.”

Dan, Insurance Industry

“The fact that ActiveCo was able to deliver such a huge project without most of our staff knowing it was even happening was impressive! Those of us who did know were amazed how smooth it went. We’ve never experienced an IT service that was able to deliver on their promises like that!”

Tomasz, Equipment Industry

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