At ActiveCo, one of our Core Values is Continuous Improvement, and we take it to heart. We’ve compiled some ideas to help motivate others with creating their own goals and, at the time of this article, their New Year’s Resolutions.

After speaking with 80,000 business managers for their book, “First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently“, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman discovered these three key questions helped define happiness in the workplace:

1. Do I know what is expected of me at work?
2. Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right?
3. At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?

The following list don’t just apply to business owners or managers, they can be applied to anyone, no matter your role.

1) Do something you love to do (and that you do best) every single day.

2) Do something just for you every single day. Even if that’s just enjoying your morning coffee.

3) Give yourself credit and a pat on the back when you deserve it.

4) Strive to learn something new every single day.

Make professional contacts and network. You’d be surprised how many people are waiting for you to make the first move.

5) Practice “professional courage” by stepping out of your comfort zone.

6) Listen more than you talk.

7) Develop a method to track your life goals, your daily engagements, and your to-do list. There are many apps to help you accomplish your goals.

8) Take up a new hobby or activity this year. Reading books, hiking, eating better, any goal with positive end results will do.

9) Take yourself a little less seriously. Seriously.

These resolutions can be mix-and-matched or selected individually. Make it easy; pick just one to stick to and truly enjoy your year, knowing you made a commitment to your own, personal happiness.

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