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New Canadian compliance regulations come into force November 1st, 2018

Businesses around the world are expected to protect their data more securely, and be held accountable for their action, or inaction. Canadian businesses, specifically those that are federally regulated, transact business across borders, or store any information containing personal data, must be compliant come November 1st, 2018.

Each organization must begin with a Security Posture Assessment, creating your first compliance document. ActiveCo can help you with this step, reach out today!


When do new regulations come into effect?
November 1st, 2018.

Who will enforce these new regulations?
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (The OPC).

What’s changed…?
New security requirements for businesses on how they handle their data; new rights for individual’s access to their personal information; new fines established for non-compliance; organizations who don’t have a tracking mechanism for their security breaches will need to acquire a program to put in place; proactive reporting to the Privacy Commissioner under certain scenarios; new roles to be assigned internally to maintain compliance.

Does this impact my business?
Indeed. Every business in Canada will need to review their business procedures to be able to establish and provide proof that they have taken (and continue to take) steps to remain secure and compliant. Call us today to see where you need to begin.

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Please engage ActiveCo to understand, in clear detail, how these regulations impact you and what actions you can take with us to simplify the process of pursuing compliance come November, 2018, and how to maintain that level of compliance.


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