Is Your Business Continuity Plan in place?

Business Continuity Plan

  • Is your business prepared for the unexpected today?
  • Could you describe your current file recovery, onsite and offsite backup plan?
  • Did you know 70% of companies that suffer a serious data loss are out of business within two years?
  • Try our Recovery Time Calculator to get started!

What is a Business Continuity Plan? It’s a proactive, planned approach to not only anticipating but addressing any and all possible risks. When it’s applied to an IT network, it creates a structured process for both prevention, backup and recovery of data and files. It means your network systems will keep running, with minimal disruption or downtime, regardless of outages, hardware issues, external events or other unforeseen circumstances such as human error, cybercrime or power failures.

Could your company operate without your accounting system, client data, orders and inventory counts? Even your intellectual property – creative collateral, engineering plans or facility blueprints – is affected. Setting up an automatic backup and recovery system can take care of this.

What is a Backup? It’s a copy of your information that is stored separately from the original. It can be an in-house backup or it can be offsite (cloud-based). The offsite option offers an extra measure of security since the copy of the data saved is in another location and therefore not affected by in-house risk factors or other events such as fire, flood, or theft.

At ActiveCo, we’ll help determine the best Business Continuity Plan for your business to ensure that your network can keep running smoothly and your systems are backed up constantly, regardless of hardware issues, power outages or other internal or external disruptions.

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