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Flexibility, reliability and scalability are just some of the advantages of our cloud services. Whether you are at the office or on-the-go, cloud services will provide you with secure and reliable access from anywhere with an internet connection. ActiveCo acts as an informed third-party who can make assessments to ensure that you have the right blend of cloud & non-cloud technology to best support your business and it’s objectives. 

To help you make the most of our cloud services, ActiveCo will analyze your current systems, your present & future business goals & then develop a strategic approach that aligns the two using cloud technology.

  • Increased scalability – add new capacity on demand
  • Improved efficiency – maximize uptime & availability
  • Strengthened flexibility & mobility
  • Enhanced data security
  • Elimination of need for software upgrade purchases since the software that’s running will always be the newest version
  • Reduces the need for capital expense purchases as there’s less hardware required for your in-house network

Why Choose ActiveCo?

ActiveCo is a BC-based Managed IT Services company offering a full slate of technology support and consulting. With strategic planning that focuses on maximizing performance, boosting productivity and growing your business, you’ll never look at IT the same way again.

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