Co-Managed IT Vancouver

Cut Costs Increase Efficiency

Ongoing Best Practices Benchmarking: Scoring your Business IT against industry standards; Identification of Technology Risks and defining business impact; Focus on sequencing high priorities that solve business risks; Prioritization of IT initiatives that support your business initiatives.

Co-Managed IT Services

Network Administration

We will maintain your network infrastructure, so you can free your internal IT resources to focus on other business technology needs.

Technology Steering

Grow revenue based on strategy, research & consultation! Ensuring technology investment contributes to your success is ActiveCo’s speciality.

Proactive Tech Management

We proactively manager, monitor and review your network IT system to prevent issues before they happen. We got your team covered!

Vendor Management

ActiveCo will work on your behalf to manage your vendor relationships and to provide liaison services for ISP’s, web hosting, printer solutions and more.

Remote Desktop Services

We have an established & tested remote work strategy for not just existing remote workers but a scabale process to help establish your business strategy for long-term remote work needs.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

20Years In The Industry
96%Customer Satisfaction
1800Endpoints Managed

Why Use ActiveCo for Co Managed IT

Since 1999, ActiveCo’s industry reputation is that of a trusted, experience and ahead-of-the-curve technology partner that is focused on helping businesses achieve their goals of:

  • increasing revenue
  • bolstering network security and
  • improving employee retention

Our own custom-built business IT management software, complements our technology & documentation processes, giving us accountability and providing our clients with transparency.

What Our Clients Are Saying

PennyMining & Aggregate Industry

Prior to working with ActiveCo, we were having constant conversations about ongoing IT issues. Everyone was affected. We were lacking strategic management and long-term solutions. It was important that we find an IT service provider who could help us focus on preventing problems instead of having to fix them when they came up. Proactive problem-solving, strategic planning and management – it was all there with ActiveCo.

RobConstruction Industry

As a national company our offices are spread from coast to coast and staying connected is critical to our success. Unplanned downtime was a frustration for us and our customers. Thanks to ActiveCo’s proactive maintenance approach and dedicated team, our uptime across the country is consistent and our remote office have never run smoother. A big thanks to everyone at ActiveCo for keeping us connected around the clock.

IslaEvent Management Industry

The ActiveCo team is a group of very responsible, professional and service focused individuals. We trust them with making the right decisions for our IT needs and have worked with them on various projects with successful outcomes. ActiveCo has made significant improvements to our IT systems, where we now have reliable, secure and maintained systems in place.

DanInsurance Industry

They are a very proactive and helpful team. We rely on ActiveCo for consistency, direction and forward-thinking business advice. I sleep better at night knowing I have a partnership I can trust.

TomaszEquipment Industry

The fact that ActiveCo was able to deliver such a huge project without most of our staff knowing it was even happening was impressive! Those of us who did know were amazed how smooth it went. We’ve never experienced an IT service that was able to deliver on their promises like that!