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Dedicated IT Consulting Vancouver

Can you afford to not have a technology strategist dedicated to your business objectives? The average salary for a Chief Information Officer in Vancouver is about $160,000. Squeeze incredible value out of a fraction of that cost with managed IT Consulting services by ActiveCo!

Since 1999, ActiveCo has dedicated our IT Consulting services to client needs, taking the time to understand their business objectives as an investment into the relationship that makes us a unique business partner, not just another vendor. Other technology managed service providers cannot keep up with the dedication required to learn your company’s strategic objectives. You invest in us, we invest in you.

Our strategic IT Consulting and planning services help you architect, implement, and manage the technologies that give your company a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced market. A Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) fulfills the role of a traditional CIO. When we act as your virtual CIO, we become responsible for building your technology roadmap that arms you with a competitive edge – at a much better cost than a full-time CIO.

The alignment of business strategy and IT is crucial in today’s technology-driven economy. Without a detailed strategy, companies often invest too much on technology without solving the business challenges they face due to different departmental objectives, cultures, and incentives. That’s where a vCIO steps in to guide your organization’s business and IT alignment so that technology integrates across each business unit to meet core objectives. Create a more secure scalable network, a more productive team and grow your revenue.

Virtual CIO (vCIO - Virtual Chief Information Officer) -

Most small to mid-sized businesses find it impossible to justify hiring a true CIO. As a result, their IT fails to thrive due to a lack of expertise, resources and time. Confidently planning, budgeting, and managing IT requires the guidance of a trained, time-tested executive.

  • Practical Insights in Layman Terms
  • Make Cost-Effective IT Decisions
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Annual Strategic Strategy Session
  • Anticipate Tech Trends in Your Industry
  • Control Costs & Monitor Investments
  • Sustainable Compliance Programs
  • Improve IT Maturity
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Quarterly Business Reviews

Strategic planning for the future requires an abundance of research and analysis. Our vCIOs conduct extensive studies to determine the best annual technology plans, budgets, and how to best manage your IT lifecycle to match your goals.
ActiveCo is dedicated to understanding your company’s strategic objectives as one of our key drivers for your relationship with us.

  • IT Strategy Roadmap Development
  • IT Budget Planning & ROI Review
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Hybrid-Cloud Strategy & Optimization
  • Services Review to Ensure 100% Satisfaction
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Technology Roadmap

A dedicated vCIO plays a critical role in crafting an organization’s IT strategy and technology roadmap. This IT roadmap serves as a guide for IT planning, processes, and initiatives designed to grow with your company. Our vCIO consultants develop a comprehensive IT roadmap that will align your information technology to support your short-term and long-term business goals, providing you with a powerful resource that helps your business units leverage technology to accelerate performance.

  • OpEx Solutions
  • CapEx Investments
  • Customized IT Plan
  • 24/7 Access to IT Environment Portal
  • Source New Technologies
  • Software & Hardware Upgrade Planning
  • Budget Planning Quarter by Quarter
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Why Choose ActiveCo For Managed IT Consulting?

ActiveCo is a BC-based Managed IT Consulting company offering a full slate of technology support and consulting. With strategic planning that focuses on maximizing performance, boosting productivity and growing your business, you’ll never look at IT the same way again.

Leverage Technology Investments

Improve Network Security

Reduce Business Risks

Mitigate Damage to Critical Files

Dramatically Improve Productivity & Performance