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When it comes to your IT security, you need to be vigilant, prepared and proactive. We’re not just your first line of defense against network threats, we believe in a properly layered security process. A robust IT security system minimized threats, reduces risk factors and provides peace of mind.

At ActiveCo, we know and understand IT security, where we deliver both the technology and the technical support that allows authorized users access to the network at the same time that unauthorized access is denied.

Our comprehensive, layered approach to security includes our enhanced security suite of solution including:

Enhanced Security Suite

  • Spam Filtering – Customizable by each user account
  • Web Filtering – Ensure that your team are not accessing areas of the web that may not be safe
  • Firewall Monitoring – Understand the continous threats to your network
  • Anti-Malware – Keep malicious software from threatening your environment
  • Anti-Virus – Ensure the stability of your security from the biggest threats online
  • Network Configuration – Unique to your business and your team’s needs
  • Multi Factor Authentication – Further secure your network, administrative access & remote devices with additional layers of security
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning – Whether protecting yourself human error or immense flooding, the ability to continue running your company in the event of disasters, is paramount in today’s industries
  • End User-Security Awareness Training – Ongoing training is the first line of defence against the top threats online, whether it’s meeting compliance needs or evading human error, this is a must-have for every business

Why Choose ActiveCo for IT Security Services?

ActiveCo is a BC-based Managed IT Security Services company offering a full slate of technology support and consulting. With strategic planning that focuses on maximizing performance, boosting productivity and growing your business, you’ll never look at IT the same way again.

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