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When Do You Know When It’s Time For an Upgrade?

Nothing lasts forever; this phrase is true regardless of which industry you’re in or business you run. We all use technology in the office to a certain extent, and the ugly truth is that someday that technology will fail. It’s critical that you monitor technology for...

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Find a Successful Data Recovery Balance

Businesses deal with compromises every day, whether it’s leaving late to let someone else get an early out or coming in on your day off to get a critical project finished on time. One of the compromises you absolutely don’t want to leave out is your business’ future....

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Use Innovative Technologies to Help Your Business

When it comes to innovation, you’d be surprised at what you might be capable of with the right solution. Collaboration in particular opens the floodgates to productivity, and with the right kind of collaborative and innovative technology, you’ll be able to unlock a...

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Unified Software Brings Multiple Benefits

People have come a long way in a very short amount of time. The development of tools designed to make tasks easier have pushed people from hunter/gatherers across the known solar system in the matter of only a few thousand years. One way humans are able to do so much...

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Retaining Workers with Technology

The right technology can be a catalyst for change. While the right kind of change can be enough to drive innovation and push the limits of your business, the wrong kind of change--namely, employee turnover--can put a halt to productivity and force you to trace your...

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Building Better Employee Engagement

An engaged employee will be invested in the future of your company, as well as their own future that they can see within your business. Employee engagement in the workplace has always been a tricky thing to master, as not all employees react the same way to...

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Helping Remote Workers to Build a Better Business

Today, as the technology has improved, and costs keep rising, remote workers are being brought on more and more by all types of businesses. It has become an attractive opportunity for workers for work/life balance, as well as becoming a necessity for the changing...

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Need More Capital: Consider Cutting Printing Costs

While paper documents were once incredibly important for businesses, no one can deny that they take up a considerable amount of space in the workplace, not to mention taking longer to review, extending research time. You're likely using far less paper than you were...

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Password Protecting a Word Document

The funny thing about some documents is how the data written on them can strongly influence how important they are. If, for instance, there were two pieces of paper on a table, there is objectively no difference between the two, and so they are objectively equivalent...

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