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9 Resolutions For Work Life Balance

At ActiveCo, one of our Core Values is Continuous Improvement, and we take it to heart. We've compiled some ideas to help motivate others with creating their own goals and, at the time of this article, their New Year's Resolutions. After speaking with 80,000 business...

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Unique Windows 10 Features to Try

For users who don't like change, it can be a frustration to go from what feels like a lifetime of Windows 7, all the way to Windows 10 (fun fact: there was no Windows 9 as Microsoft wanted to announce this as their "final" Windows product, but rumours also state that...

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Securing Your Business from the Internet of Things

Now that the holidays have come and gone, you might have a couple of new gadgets in your home or office that connect to the Internet. Depending on what these gadgets are, you might have a serious security issue sitting right in front of you without realizing it. Some...

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VoIP Is the Leading Choice for Business Communications

Few technological assets are as important in today’s business world as a working telephone solution of some sort. While its form has changed considerably over the years from a traditional handset terminal to a desktop application or mobile device, its functionality...

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Small Businesses Using Emerging Technologies to Get Ahead

If your business uses technology to be more productive and efficient, you know that as soon as you buy a piece of new technology, there is another one right behind it that has more power, or better features. This is true for consumers as well. This constant innovation...

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Obtaining the Right Tools Is Extremely Important for Businesses

Your business’ technology infrastructure is built from hardware, and this hardware needs to be properly managed if you want to succeed. The first step to this is to acquire the proper hardware, but for businesses that don’t have dedicated in-house IT departments, even...

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Can You Stay Productive In the Face of Constant Distraction?

The modern office is filled with distractions, and that’s to say nothing about the everyday user’s life (kids, holidays, emergencies, etc). With so many devices and notifications interrupting focus for users all over the world, it’s more important than ever before to...

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Here is How Antivirus Keeps a Business Safe

A lot is made about antivirus as a part of a comprehensive network security platform, but how does the system really work to eliminate threats? Today, we will take a look at an antivirus solution to show you how it goes about removing unwanted files and other code....

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Protect Your Business This Year with a BDR

There is a lot on the line for any business when disaster strikes. Is your business ready for a data loss incident? Every year people from all over the world make resolutions as the new year commences; and, this year will be no different. For the business owner hoping...

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Communications Are a Big Part of New Productivity Software

When people find new reasons to collaborate, it typically results in something positive. There is some new software that is now making collaboration easier, while still providing people the tools they need to stay productive. These collaboration tools are changing the...

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