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Windows 7 Support Available, For a Price

Microsoft is ending its support for the wildly popular Windows 7 operating system, and although there will be support available past January 2020, it won’t be cheap. Considering the ongoing security threats that continue to escalate, it is highly recommended to...

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3 VoIP Features That Have Operational Benefit

It isn’t as though we haven't said this before but leveraging a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution over a traditional business telephone system can bring your organization very clear benefits. Many of these benefits come from the advanced features that VoIP...

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When Do You Know When It’s Time For an Upgrade?

Nothing lasts forever; the ugly truth is that someday the technology your business relies on every day will fail. It’s critical that you monitor technology for warning signs prior to its failure so as to avoid costly repair bills and rushed replacements. You might be...

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Find a Successful Data Recovery Balance

As a business leader, it’s up to you to acquire a data backup & recovery a solution that minimizes downtime without costing your organization an arm and a leg, but this is much easier said than done. Many businesses grow organically and data collection has simply...

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Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work (and What to Do Instead)

In the business world, productivity is everything, which means that many will try to boost their productivity however they can. Many swear by multitasking, or the practice of juggling tasks to keep themselves fresh and productive. However, evidence shows they are...

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Use Innovative Technologies to Help Your Business

When it comes to innovation, you’d be surprised at what you might be capable of with the right solution. ActiveCo's approach to business relationships with our clients is that collaboration opens the floodgates to productivity; and with the right kind of collaborative...

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Unified Software Brings Multiple Benefits

The more features one tool has, or the more effectively many tools integrate together, the more effective your business can be. Recently in software, there has been a concerted effort by developers to build tools that integrate several smaller applications into one...

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Are You Enforcing Mandatory Best Security Practices?

Your business data is valuable, whether it contains your clients’ financial details, your own business’ affairs, or sensitive internal or personal documents. As such, you need to be confident that you are prepared to protect this data before something happens to it....

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Retaining Workers with the Right Technology

The right technology can be a catalyst for change. pertaining to staff retention as well as staff attrition. While the right kind of change can be enough to drive innovation and push the limits of your business, the wrong kind of change or no change at all can put a...

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