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Monitoring is Essential to IT Success

More and more small businesses today depend on their technology doing what they need it to do, immediately. If that technology isn’t working as intended, it can really stymie an organization’s ability to be impress new customers and gain a positive reputation....

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Powerful Conferencing Solutions Can Move Your Business Ahead

Many small and midsize companies are forced into spreading their resources out in order to compete with larger organizations. For those that are searching for a way to manage all the moving parts of business, having the means to communicate has to be at the top of the...

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Should You Outsource Your IT Project’s Management?

Any project manager will tell you that there are countless issues that can get in the way of a successful implementation. To nobody’s surprise, business technology can aid project management by streamlining operations and making the entire process much easier for...

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Emerging Technologies to Keep an Eye On

Information technology has always been a hotbed for future predictions. Whether it was Marconi’s grand plans for wireless communications or the bold prediction that every person would be carrying around a computer that fits in the palm of their hand, the future always...

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Disasters Aren’t Always Caused By Disasters

Not all disasters come in the form of a flood or fire. You can predict weather effects that can create problems for your business, like storms that bring down power lines, but you can’t possibly predict when and how your organization will suffer from a data loss...

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Data Security Issues of 2018

Every year. whether business owners like it or not, changes need to be made in the way that organizations manage their IT security. In 2017, ransomware burst on the scene in full force, and cyber security strategies reacted, coming up with fully managed security...

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Protect Your Business From Phishing Attacks

Spam is a major hindrance when running a business that relies on email, but it’s easy to protect your employee’s time from the average spam messages with the right technological support. Unfortunately, hackers have adapted to this change and made it more difficult to...

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Smaller Practices are Choosing Cloud-Based EHR

The medical field has spawned all kinds of new technology that takes patient care to the next level. Regulations demand that even smaller practices need to make the jump to electronic medical record systems (also known as electronic health records). These EMR/EHR...

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