About us

ActiveCo is a company determined to be “The People You Can Trust” to work alongside you to reach your strategic business objectives. Every company uses technology nowadays and our goal is to help our customers find and utilize the technology and applications best-suited for them.

Located in Port Coquitlam, BC, just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada, ActiveCo Technology Management has grown from a break-fix IT contractor to the best technology service & consulting firms in the world.


Established in 1999, ActiveCo "Computer Solutions" was a small, one-man company that helped small businesses fix their day-to-day computer problems that we all know and love. A simple solution to very common problems.

By 2005, and a few more people now rounding out the team, ActiveCo had taken on several more small businesses as customers and were now being asked how to support and advise on business-critical components. New technologies were allowing smaller companies to reach all-new markets, while the bad guys were increasing their threats to the business networks and emails.

The late 2010 saw ActiveCo taking on a leadership role in consulting. With a monthly, predictable fee, customers were now given access to additional time with our team to understand their technology costs and investments. Leveraging technology specific to their business needs was finding success after success. ActiveCo was well on it's way to being a true managed services provider with a unique strength in consulting with business owners.

The last decade has provide ActiveCo the opportunity to work with clients as their trusted technology success partner. We're proud to be a key part of our client's strategic business objectives and success.

ActiveCo's desire for feedback has provided incredible insight into multiple industry leader's goals, trends, failures, mis-steps and successes. By helping business owners understand what technology can do for their business, their people and their goals, ActiveCo becomes a key part of their success story.

Core Values

ActiveCo leads by their Core Values, strengths that carry weight to ensure customer’s needs are met in a consistent way that is duplicatable as new team members come on board.

1 First-Class Customer Service

ActiveCo keeps you focused on your business by efficiently and urgently managing your systems. We will provode service & solutions to you and your team in plain language and dedicate time and energy to properly supporting your technology strategy.

2 Teamwork

We love to come to work and it shows. We work to build relationships with our clients, our community, and each other. Only through supportive efforts and ongoing communication can a team of dedicated staff provide the service you expect.

3 Honesty & integrity

As “the people you can trust” , ActiveCo takes deliberate steps to build trust and offer accountability. Your transparency into our services through our network portal provides 24/7 insight into how we’re working hard to keep your business.

4 There is Always a Way

We thrive on a challenge and love finding the best solutions to your business technology needs. Since 1999 we have developed processes, strategies and procedures from scratch due to unique needs of our clients. Now, business leaders across multiple industries draw on that experience to help find success with our team.

5 Continuous Improvement

We are always improving our internal systems, help desk strategies and client services. Our ongoing training ensures you’re working with the best in the business, striving to always be better. We also focus on working within our greater community to ensure specific, localized service for your team.


We believe in long-term relationships. We believe in growth. We believe in you and your team. We believe in technology. That means doing what it takes to ensure your goals are met, your team are happy and you are always satisfied.

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