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“Our customers meet their strategic objectives by leveraging technology to grow their business, outperform their competition and control their I.T. costs.

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ActiveCo Technology Management

White Glove IT Outsourcing

ActiveCo Technology Management provides outsourced IT solutions from professionals who know your industry and take the time to understand your business. Your peace of mind is assured. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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An Outsourced IT Service You Can Depend On

IT Outsourcing Vancouver

IT Outsourcing

We proactively manage, monitor and review your network IT system to prevent issues before they happen. At ActiveCo, whether you want to fully outsource your IT, or your in-house IT department needs help, we have it all covered.


We help organizations take a proactive approach to vulnerability management and threat mitigation. Our IT Outsourcing solutions focus on eliminating risks both inside and outside your environment like firewall, VPN, spam filtering, MFA & more.


With technology being so dynamic, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of the curve. Our IT Outsourcing Services will take care of all your technology planning & strategies. Our team will help you leverage technology to achieve your long-term goals.

Disaster Management

ActiveCo offers a comprehensive & robust disaster recovery & back-up plan designed to meet your company’s needs. Whether you choose in-house or a cloud-based solution, be at peace knowing your data is backed up regardless of internal or external issues.


Flexibility, reliability and scalability are just some of the advantages of our cloud services. Whether you are at the office or on-the-go, cloud services will provide secure & reliable access from anywhere with an internet connection.


ActiveCo offers Office 365 support – assisting with migration, complete set-up, management and support. The cloud-based suite offers greater flexibility and increased productivity for you, your staff and your business.


Need help with more than just managed network services? At ActiveCo, we help clients achieve their strategic business plans with services like CRM deployments, tech upgrades, hardware installations, cloud migration & more.

Co-Managed IT

ActiveCo’s Co-Managed IT service augment’s your existing IT team & security platforms while providing consulting for your technology investment decisions. We work with you to ensure your team is focused on your business objectives.

Ease the Pain of Making a Change

Business leaders can shy away from making the important change to their outsourced IT services due to the time hassle associated with it, let alone fear of disruption to their business. Sound familiar? We know it's been difficult to fit this into your actionable priorities and have made the process easy by creating a succint onboarding process with excellent communication, facilitation and execution. It's critical that you know what is needed from you or your team and what roles we will play as a net new introduction to your business. Whether you're moving to us from an existing provider, a contractor, or looking for us to augment or support your current team, we make it easy!

1 Consultation

You want your network safe, secure and stable. Our service starts with understanding where you are today and what are your future objectives. You're the expert in your industry and want to help grow your business through technology. What makes your business unique and how can we help you retain your valued team members through great service? Are we the right fit? Are you ready for a fantastic partnership, starting at a pace that's right for you?

2 Documentation

Once we've become your IT outsourcing service of choice, look forward to a peaceful transfer of power. You'll be taken through a cost-effective strategy that begins with a seamless transition. We take your existing environment documents and do all the data entry, account transfers, licensing documentation and inventory tracking while you continue running your business. We'll even walk you through our finance process, service agreement and your 24/7 customer portal.

3 Official Introductions

Expect a full introduction to your new technology success partners here at ActiveCo. An executive kick-off meeting to quantify your strategic objectives with technology needs. And, if you are taking on our full help desk services, expect a catered orientation and training session complete with Q&A. The decision to change is for your team's benefit, we'll show them what to expect from us and how to hold us accountable!

4 Building Relationships

Our team is introduced to your business, your communication style and your business objectives. Your team will receive our First-Class Customer Service, "There's Always a Way"attitude and experience our Continuous Improvement. Our service is guaranteed! Welcome aboard!

Key Industries We Serve

Vancouver is home to thousands of manufacturers depending on technology to grow their revenue. Many lack the resources or time to keep on top of evolving technologies, let alone improve upon critical business intelligence & production data already in place. ActiveCo helps organizations cut costs and implement smart manufacturing processes that comply to regulations, quality control and safety standards required for the industry.

Your financial and accounting services teams of CPA’s, bookkeepers and staff require 100% consistent access to your data, systems and resources to deliver to your clients on time, around the clock. Remain online, secure and compliant to build credibility and a consistency that your clients will return to and refer season after season. The right technology success partner helps you avoid interruptions during business-critical tax times where communication is key to growing your revenue.

Vancouver engineering firms have a unique need for precision and excellence in quality that gets the world’s attention. Large documentation and machinery controls mandate you have secure data access, compliance to industry best practices and document management strategies to sustain your end product. There is no room for error from start to finish. Work with a technology partner like ActiveCo to develop and retain productivity, cybersecurity and digital innovation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

PennyMining & Aggregate Industry

Prior to working with ActiveCo, we were having constant conversations about ongoing IT issues. Everyone was affected. We were lacking strategic management and long-term solutions. It was important that we find an IT service provider who could help us focus on preventing problems instead of having to fix them when they came up. Proactive problem-solving, strategic planning and management – it was all there with ActiveCo.

RobConstruction Industry

As a national company our offices are spread from coast to coast and staying connected is critical to our success. Unplanned downtime was a frustration for us and our customers. Thanks to ActiveCo’s proactive maintenance approach and dedicated team, our uptime across the country is consistent and our remote office have never run smoother. A big thanks to everyone at ActiveCo for keeping us connected around the clock.

IslaEvent Management Industry

The ActiveCo team is a group of very responsible, professional and service focused individuals. We trust them with making the right decisions for our IT needs and have worked with them on various projects with successful outcomes. ActiveCo has made significant improvements to our IT systems, where we now have reliable, secure and maintained systems in place.

DanInsurance Industry

They are a very proactive and helpful team. We rely on ActiveCo for consistency, direction and forward-thinking business advice. I sleep better at night knowing I have a partnership I can trust.

TomaszEquipment Industry

The fact that ActiveCo was able to deliver such a huge project without most of our staff knowing it was even happening was impressive! Those of us who did know were amazed how smooth it went. We’ve never experienced an IT service that was able to deliver on their promises like that!

Technology Partners, Software and Vendor Management

Your industry relies on hardware, software and services that need to be managed properly to be tailored to your organizational needs. ActiveCo works with vendors, suppliers and partners so that you can run your business. Whether you're in the cloud, on premises, a large manufacturer or a small services firm, we have established relationships with global companies to help deliver you the support and services you need, when you need them. Let ActiveCo track your inventory, procurement, licensing and warranty needs to provide the peace of mind that you can grow your business while maintaining best-in-class service across all your platforms.

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