Our Service

We focus on leveraging technology in a way that truly impacts your business.

Our philosphy is a unique, efficient and predictable IT support methodology that dramatically impacts your business.

Network Security

Are you protected from viruses, ransomware, spam, spyware, malware and hacks? Don’t take chances. When it comes to network security, you need to be vigilant, prepared and proactive. We’re your first line of defense against network security threats.

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Managed IT Support

Is your in-house IT department overburdened? Don’t have one at all? Consider our Managed IT Support services. We proactively manage, monitor and review your network IT system 24/7 to prevent issues before they happen.

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Office 365

The cloud-based suite of Microsoft Office tools offers greater flexibility and increased productivity for you, your staff and your business.

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Cloud Services

What are they? And what do they mean to your business? Cloud services are essentially a series of offsite servers that function in various capacities, depending on a company’s individual IT requirements. They can boost business performance and increase network security.

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Professional Services

We’re more than IT and managed network support services. ActiveCo also offers a comprehensive line-up of additional business services.

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Business Continuity Plan

Does your company need to keep operating in the event of a complete IT network failure? Did you know 70% of companies that suffer a serious data loss are out of business within two years? Wondering about file recovery, onsite and offsite backup? ActiveCo will help you come up with an individual Business Continuity Plan to find absolute data loss prevention solutions.

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IT Consulting

Do your business plans include a long-term IT strategy? As a business owner, you know one of the most critical files you’ll ever work on are the long-term plans for your company – growth and development that’s based on strategy, research and consultation. At ActiveCo, we believe you should apply that same principle to your IT network.

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