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Is your current strategy a “best guess”? Make better technology decisions based on your brand’s unique requirements.

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Looking to grow and develop your business based on strategy, research and consultation that is specific to your goals? You’ve come to the right place!

  • When budgets are stretched and ROI a priority, making sure your IT investment contributes actively to business success is ActiveCo’s speciality.
  • With a focus on strategic planning, global risk prevention, accessibility options, capital cost considerations and staff productivity, ActiveCo’s business strategies are client-specific and unique.
  • We understand your business environment is dynamic and IT resources need to be re-assesed and aligned on a regular basis to support new goals, users and applications.

Virtual CIO

Each client works directly with a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), responsible for aligning technology strategy with business strategy. Quarterly business reviews are a great time to make recommendations, answer questions and strategize IT plans that provide value year-round.
  • Ongoing consulting for technology planning & meeting business objectives
  • Strategize your business goals with a 3-year outlook
  • Health review of existing technology & discuss upcoming opportunities
  • Align business needs with rapid technology changes
  • Available on a “as-needed” basis to help resolve short-term crisis situations
  • Vendor & application support & planning

Quarterly Business Reviews

At minimum, a quarterly business review to go over your technology roadmap ensures that you and your vCIO are on the right track to meet or exceed your current goals. This provides an opportunity to re-budget & re-prioritize to ensure the best chance at achieving the desired results.
  • Revisit & review the technology roadmap to manage changing business conditions
  • Review & update your technology budget
  • Recommendations for technology upgrades based on global security needs
  • Report of successes & challenges in the past quarter
  • Conversations regarding the business owner’s needs & growth plans
  • Ensure the business partnership is on track & meeting expectations

Technology Roadmap

The creation of a technology roadmap is a collaborative process where your vCIO works closely with you and your executive team to develop a plan that aligns IT decisions with broader business goals. Your vCIO will work closely with you to identify short & long term IT initiatives & help you prioritize them based on budgets & operational needs.
  • Custom tailored IT plan for your business needs
  • Up-to-date access to network diagrams of your existing IT environment
  • Source new technologies & enagage in thorough reviews
  • Software & hardware upgrade strategies as needed
  • Budget planning & modification as required

Why Choose ActiveCo?

ActiveCo is a BC-based Managed IT Services company offering a full slate of technology support and IT consulting. With strategic planning that focuses on maximizing performance, boosting productivity, reducing costs and growing your business, you’ll never look at IT the same way again.

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Let Us Take Care of Your IT, So You Can Focus On Your Business!

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